(Betty Joan Perske)
* 16. September 1924 (in New York)

+ 12. August 2014 (in New York)
2009 Honorary Award
(in recognition for her central place in the Golden Age of motion pictures)
1997 as Hannah Morgan in 'The Mirror Has Two Faces'
- comments -

I like her very much in her older black and white movies along with Bogie

some of my favourites with her are 'To Have And Have Not' (1944), 'The Big Sleep' (1946) and 'Written On The Wind' (1956)

her father was William Perske, and her mother Natalie Perske (Weinstein-Bacal was Natalies maiden name)

her parents divorced when Lauren was 5 years old (Natalie took the Bacal from her maiden name after the divorce)

later, Lauren added an 'l' to Bacal, and the 'Lauren' was a Hollywood addition

she is the widow of Humphrey Bogart (* 23. January 1899)...they were married from 21. May 1945 until his death on 14. January 1957

she was also married to actor Jason Robards (04. July 1961 - 10. September 1969, divorced)

on 26. December 2000 her ex-husband, actor Jason Robards (* 26. July 1922) dies of cancer

has a son Stephen Humphrey, a TV news producer, and a daughter, Leslie Howard, a nurse and yoga teacher with Humphrey Bogart

has a son, Sam (* 16. December 1961), an actor with Jason Robards, Jr., and a daughter in law, Suzy Amis (* 05. January 1962), an actress, through her marriage with Robards