(Nicolas Kim Coppola)
* 07. January 1964 (in Long Beach, California)
1995 as Ben Sanderson in 'Leaving Las Vegas'
2003 as Charlie Kaufman/Donald Kaufman in 'Adaption'
- comments -

I like him most in 'The Rock' (1996), 'Face/Off' (1997), '8 mm' (1999), 'Lord of War' (2005), 'World Trade Center' (2006) and 'Seeking Justice' (2011)

he changed his name from Coppola to Cage when he began acting, to make his own reputation

1. marriage with Patricia Arquette (08. April 1995 - 18. May 2001, divorced)

2. marriage with the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley (10. August 2002 - 16. May 2004, divorced)

he is now in his 3. marriage with Alice Kim (married on 30. July 2004)

has a son Kal-el (* 03. October 2005) with Kim

he has an older son, Weston (* 26. December 1990) from his relationship with actress/model Kristina Fulton

his father is August Coppola, a literature professor (the brother of director/screenwriter/producer Francis Ford Coppola)

his mother is Joy Vogelsang, a dancer and choreographer

his parents seperated in 1976 and the three boys were raised by their father, August

Nicolas has two older brothers: Marc and Christopher

his grandfather (father of Francis Ford Coppola) was Carmine Coppola (* 11. July 1910 + 26. April 1991), a flautist and composer