(Lawrence Harvey Zeiger)
* 19. November 1933 (in New York)
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in my humble opinion he's THE KING of interviews...I watched his show for about 20 years and it made me really sad to hear he resigns from the show (but understand and respect his decision)...and when I saw the final moments of his last show I just couldn't believe the moment had really come...I'm glad he's still doing interviews on Ora TV

started his career on 01. May 1957 at WAHR in Miami, Florida and left this radio station in 1977

did 'The Larry King Show' from 1977 - 1984 at Mutual Radio Network

did 'Larry King Live' and 'Larry King Live Weekend' from 03. June 1985 to 16. December 2010 on CNN

is now doing 'Larry King Now' (since 01. November 2012) and 'Politicking with Larry King' (since 13. Jnune 2013) - both on Ora TV

is married to Shawn Southwick (* 1959)...they got married on 05. September 1997

has two sons with Southwick: Chance Armstrong (* 09. March 1999) and Cannon Edward (* 22. May 2000)...and a stepson, Danny from Southwick

has 4 other kids: Larry, Jr. (* 1962)...Larry was not married to his mother, Andy (adopted from Akins) from his first marriage with Alene Akins,  Chaia (* 1967) from his second marriage to Alene Akins and Kelley (adopted from Sutphin)

his father, Eddie died of a heart attack at age 44 on 09. June 1943

his mother, Jennie, died in 1976

he had a brother who died before Larry was born: Irwin (* 1926 + 1932)

has one younger brother: Marty

1. wife: Freda Miller...mariagge was in 1952 but was anulled some time later

2. wife: Annette Kaye (1960 - 1961, divorced)

3. wife: Mickey Sutphin, marriage lasted only 3 months in 1963

4. wife: Alene Akins, married 19. April 1963 - 06. December 1966, divorced

5. wife: same as 4. wife...rewed Alene Akins in 1967...divorced in 1972

6. wife: Sharon Lepore, 25. September 1976 - 1984, divorced

7. wife: Julie Alexander, 07. October 1989 - 1992, divorced