(Mandel Bruce Patinkin)
* 30. November 1952 (in Chicago, Illinois)
- comments -

I like him most for his performance as Dr. Jeffrey Geiger on the TV hit series 'Chicago Hope' (1994 - present)

he quit 'Chicago Hope' after the 1994/95 season, because he wanted to have more time for his family and private life

Patinkin returned as Dr. Jeffrey Geiger, who is now a chairman of the hospital board in the 1999/2000 season

he has corneal transplants in both of his eyes...the first was transplanted in May 1997 and the second in November 1998

his father died when Mandy was 18 years old

he is married to Kathryn Grody since 1980

he has two sons with Grody: Isaac (* 1983) and Gideon (* 1987)